ICT Eco Management

GREEN IDEA® Technologies is a European company inspired by the Circular Economy. Green Idea specializes in ICT Eco Management, an innovative model for managing and extending the life cycle of ICT assets.

With our model it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of the ICT equipment, which is a pressing issue considering that companies are continually increasing their ICT expenditure in the current Information Age.

ICT Eco Management results in a virtuous cycle that improves overall sustainability by increasing efficiency and reducing e-waste.

Our goal is to provide sustainable and certified processes in the purchase and management of ICT assets, through the implementation of our platform ICT CircularSoft®.

This platform integrates technologies that transform the way companies, no matter its size or industry, manage their ICT resources and End-of-Life assets. This is achieved by aligning the company’s technological requirements and its sustainability objectives.

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The ICT Eco Management model is the most efficient solution for companies that want to give a sustainable approach to their ICT management efforts and needs. Our technology provides the following services:

Corporate support for companies selling their EOL assets. This process maximizes the residual value of each EOL product, implementing Circular Economy practices.

Corporate support for companies desiring to purchase ICT refurbished and remanufactured certified products to complement or substitute the offer of new ICT products.

Measure and certification of CO2e emissions saved with the implementation of the Circular Economy processes provided by Green Idea’s ICT Eco Management model.

Thanks to the innovative ICT CircularSoft® platform, you can apply the ICT Eco Management processes in a SAFE, EFFICIENT and CERTIFIED way through it’s autonomous, distinct and complementary functions.

ASSET CircularSoft
Transform your disposal costs in a potential revenue due to the residual value of your EOL assets.

REFURB CircularSoft
There are more than 9000 products that you can buy from our catalog: register and participate in the transition to the Circular Economy.

CERT CircularSoft
Automatically calculate the environmental impact of the ICT assets present in your company.

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