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Eco Sustainable Management of ICT products at European scale

Our goal is clear: to encourage the ICT remanufactured and refurbished certified products market, through the implementation of a new virtuous model of circular economy which we called ICT Eco Management, that allow the companies to: sell their End of Life produtcs, purchase ICT refurbished certified products and to measure and certified the CO2e emissions saved from the previous actions, improving the economic and environmental performance of the client.


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The story behind the Eco Sustainable Management of ICT products

A Circolar Vision

It’s undeniable that companies use everytime more ICT devices to improve their efficiency of processes and guarantee production standards (industry 4.0) and this trend seems to continue and grow in time.


Digitization of processes gives evident benefits to the company, but, this trend also drives into a major environmental impact regarding the disposal and management of the Waste of Eletric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This management generates considerable costs in the company due to the inefficient way they are dispose.

A new model

In fact, the actual “linear” market model, does not consider that these products still, at their End of Life stage have an important residual value (raw material), and that their life could be extended to another cycle and another user.

This is why we have start with Green Idea Technologies, the european company specialized in ICT Eco Management, a new and revolutionary model to manage the ICT products with a sustainable a circular approach for the Business to Business sector (B2B).

What can the ICT Eco Management do for my business?


The End of Life ICT products (depreciated/asset) transforming a cost into a revenue.


GREEN IDEA Technologies guarantee the highest revenue of the sale on behalf of third parties of the products, thanks to the valorization of each device through the Asset functionality of the ICT CircularSoft.


new refurbished/remanufactured certified products obtaining on average 30% of savings.


The certified refurbisher partners network and the functionality Refurb of the ICT CircularSoft allow us to guarantee a range of more than 9000 products in comparison to competition.


The CO2e emissions prevented thanks to these actions, in this way improving the environmental and economic performance, this is available in the Cert functionality of the ICT CircularSoft.


Big companies (corporates) can declare these emissions prevented through the Sustainable (Social) Balance, thanks to the implementation of Green Idea sustainable model.


Companies in a customize way in the application of the platform together with our specialized consultants.

How It Works?

To implement the ICT Eco Management in our client, we have developed the software ICT CircularSoft.


ICT CircularSoft is the first digitize platform in Europe which enable the usage of the ICT Eco Management model in a efficient, certified and safe way, thanks to the autonomy, diverse and complementary functionalities.



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